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Stories of Progress: Great banking relationship helps California small business owner secure funding to secure dream

August 1, 2023 | Customers

Dr. Anna Muñoz Chavira became a client of Bank of the West after venturing out to start her own pediatric medical practice during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

She had always known that playing an active role in healthcare for children would be her main professional focus, and after realizing that many of her patients and their families longed for more time with her as their doctor, she decided it was time to explore opening her own practice. 

 After experiencing rejections from other banks, Dr. Chavira walked into the Downey, California branch of Bank of the West to meet branch manager Jorge Padilla and secured the funding needed to fulfil her dream, a small practice called “Friendly Hills Pediatrics.”  

Jorge and the Bank of the West staff provided personalized attention and tailored solutions to understand not only Friendly Hills Pediatrics’ needs, but the unique needs of all small businesses. The values of being invested in the community and supporting the dreams of small business owners directly aligns with BMO’s values, and offers the opportunity for a seamless transition and continuity of service to customers of Bank of the West as it becomes BMO. BMO is committed to our customers’ real financial progress, promising an even brighter future for customers like Dr. Chavira.

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