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How cloud technology drives growth and progress

June 6, 2023 | Growth, Growth, Strategy, Strategy

Cloud technology adoption is crucial for businesses, with a 2021 Gartner study concluding that cloud technology will be the centrepiece of organizations’ digital experiences by 2025. 

BMO is well into a significant multi-year migration to cloud technology, having integrated several software-as-a-service solutions, leveraging new cloud-native capabilities to crunch data better, and moving many of its applications to the cloud, among other initiatives. 

BMO leaders, including Raphael Schapiro, Chief Technology & Operations Strategy & Transformation Officer; Brett Pitts, Head of North American Treasury & Payment Solutions; Graeme Whittington, Chief Engineer & Head of Platforms and Laurence Wan, BMO’s Chief Architect & Innovation Officer, along with BMO technology partners such as Microsoft and AWS and others, sat down with The Logic to share BMO’s experiences and insights on cloud migration.  

The resulting story, Heading to the Cloud: Lessons on Digital Transformation, provides 4 key takeaways to consider when moving to the cloud: 

  1. Have a clear vision and strategy: Companies must start with a clear vision and a cross-functional approach to align objectives with the larger business strategy and ensure a successful transition to the cloud. 
  1. Change management is vital: Change management is essential for migration to the cloud. Organizations must engage employees early to foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement. 
  1. Put data security at the forefront: Data security is crucial, and a multi-cloud approach can add security and redundancy to protect data. 
  1. Migrating to the cloud is continuous: Cloud adoption is a continuous journey. Nurture a culture of innovation, collaboration, and agility to adapt to change and drive ongoing value from technology investments. 

BMO is already experiencing the benefits cloud technology can bring with new opportunities to grow and remain competitive. It’s another example of how BMO uses technology to drive progress for customers, unlock the power of our people and deliver loyalty, growth and efficiency. 

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