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Introducing Les Audacieuses: A podcast for francophone women, by francophone women

January 12, 2023 | Diversity, equity and inclusion

Building a future with Zero Barriers to Inclusion means ensuring that we all have equal opportunities for growth, success, and mentoring, regardless of our preferred language. To help support this, BMO for Women is proud to announce the release of Les Audacieuses: A French-only podcast for francophone women, by francophone women.  

This eight-episode podcast series is the first time BMO pour Elles (BMO for Women’s French equivalent) is leading the way with exclusive content in French only. Episodes will be released biweekly and will focus on helping women be bold in business and life through financial advice, entrepreneurial leadership and more. In each episode, Cloé Caron – famous francophone author, speaker and entrepreneur – will interview various leaders from BMO and other organizations.   

You won’t want to miss our first episode, premiering January 12 on all streaming platforms, where Cloé sits down with Catherine Laurin, Senior Portfolio Manager, BMO Private Wealth, and Isabelle Côté, CEO of Coffrage Synergy, to explore the relationship between boldness, bravery, and traditionally-held views of femininity in their careers and with women in general.  

Other episode topics include: 

  • Taking responsibility: when finances rhyme with freedom 
  • Unleash your potential as an entrepreneur
  • Entrepreneurship to change the world 

The release of Les Audacieuses is another way BMO is delivering on our Purpose-driven commitment to grow the good for an inclusive society with Zero Barriers to Inclusion.  

Looking for an English alternative? Check out Bold(h)er, a podcast by BMO for Women that aims to encourage listeners to live boldly in business and life.  

To learn more about how BMO for Women is driving progress in this space, check out the BMO for Women website.

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