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Fueling progress with BMO podcasts

March 7, 2023 | Customers, Customers, Sustainability

Would you like to learn more about today’s economy? The role of finance in reducing climate change? Or how to prepare your small business for the future? Maybe you’d like to find out more about breaking down barriers to inclusion in the business world? If you’re looking for entertaining and educational conversations, BMO’s got a podcast for that! 

Hosted by BMO thought leaders and experts, our podcasts help us connect customers and communities with information that drives financial progress – and makes a positive impact on our communities. Here’s a collection of podcast episodes to help you discover something new. 


Sustainability Leaders:Dan Barclay & Hiro Mizuno Discuss the Green Revolution 
Dan Barclay, Chief Executive Officer & Group Head, BMO Capital Markets is joined by Hiro Mizuno, Special Envoy of U.N. Secretary-General on Innovative Finance and Sustainable Investments to discuss the role of finance and banking in reducing climate change and the transition to a low-carbon world. 

Sustainability Leaders: Accelerating an Indigenous-led clean energy future 

Join Susan McGeachie, Head, BMO Climate Institute and Chris Henderson, Executive Director at Indigenous Clean Energy and President at Lumos Energy, in the second installment of this two-part series to mark Canada’s second National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. In this episode, our experts discuss renewable energy needs across Canada and opportunities to increase Indigenous participation in developments.  

Sustainability Leaders: Achieving Canada’s net-zero ambition requires a paradigm shift 

Susan McGeachie, Head, BMO Climate Institute is joined by Dan Wicklum, President and CEO of The Transition Accelerator to discuss the paradigm shift required to achieve Canada’s commitment to net zero. 

The economy 

Markets Plus: Inflation, Interest Rates & the Economy: What Lies Ahead?

As central banks weigh further interest rate hikes to tame inflation raging at four-decade highs, BMO experts discuss what may lie ahead for households, businesses, markets and the economy, and whether a recession is in the cards. 

Business Unplanned season 4, episode 3: How to manage cash flow while dealing with inflation 

The pandemic brought many industries to a standstill, leading to inflation and supply disruption. In this episode, host Michael Hyatt and Dana Leisen, Director and Controller for Moneris, discuss what companies are doing to stay ahead and thrive while dealing with unforeseen setbacks. 

BMO Smarter Investing, episode 13: Inflation: where now? 

Douglas Porter and Sal Guatieri discuss what’s driving multi-decade high inflation, and its influence on the outlook for interest rates, the economy, and financial markets. 

BMO For Women 

Les Audacieuses: choisir laudace au féminin 

A French-only podcast for francophone women, by francophone women. Cloé Caron – famous francophone author, speaker and entrepreneur – interviews Catherine Laurin, Senior Portfolio Manager, BMO Private Wealth and Isabelle Côté, CEO of Coffrage Synergy to explore the relationship between boldness, bravery, and traditionally-held views of femininity in their careers and with women in general.   

Bold(her): The power of community 

When Anu Bidani decided to pivot from her corporate role, she took the leap knowing she had strong leadership skills and a willingness to keep learning. In this episode of Bold(h)er, she tells Lisa Bragg that finding others on a similar journey and building a community was critical to turning her idea into a global enterprise. 

The Starting Line: Breaking down barriers to inclusion with Dr. Sonia Kang 

Get an inside look at the career experiences of a new generation of leaders. Mona Malone, BMO’s Chief Human Resources Officer and Head, People & Culture chats with Sonia Kang, the Canada Research Chair in Identity, Diversity and Inclusion, as well as Associate Professor of Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management at the University of Toronto and Faculty Research Fellow at the Rotman School of Management’s Institute for Gender and the Economy. 

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