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Cricket star Rohit Sharma joins Team BMO

June 13, 2024 | Giving and sponsorships

A new Global Cricket Ambassador has joined Team BMO! The bank is partnering with professional cricket player and international cultural icon, Rohit Sharma, ahead of the 2024 Cricket World Cup in June, which is being held in North America and the West Indies for the first time. 

Celebrated by fans worldwide, Rohit Sharma has numerous accolades and records across all formats of the game. Team India fans and cricket fans around the world can expect to see Rohit lead the India National Cricket Team at this year’s Cricket World Cup. 

“Rohit Sharma’s story of ambition, passion and success is an inspiration for many across the globe, including the fans who come to Canada to build a new life and achieve real financial progress. Sports invokes a sense of community and purpose beyond borders, and our partnership with Rohit speaks to the connection that cricket brings to people and allows us to meet newcomers wherever they are in their financial journey, by connecting them with a piece of home to their new home.” 

– Sumit Sarkar
Head, Customer Growth & Segments, BMO 

This cricket ambassador partnership builds on BMO’s commitment to delivering exceptional, digitally enabled banking experiences that support and empower newcomers to Canada throughout their financial journey.  

“Throughout my career, I have seen how cricket has united and inspired fans across cultures and borders. Sharing this belief, I am happy to partner with BMO and play a role in their commitment to helping newcomers find real financial progress wherever they are. With the right support, I always believed any dream can be achieved with hard work and determination. Together with BMO, I look forward to being a voice that empowers fans to pursue and achieve their personal and financial goals.” 

– Rohit Sharma 

In 2023, BMO’s New to Canada program was recognized for Best Use of Tech in Retail Banking from the Banking Tech Awards, an organization that celebrates key developments and innovation in banking, finance and technology. In November 2023, BMO’s NewStart® Pre-Arrival Account Opening program received the BAI Global Innovation Award and Qorus-Accenture Banking Innovation Award, underscoring BMO’s ongoing efforts to pioneer advancements in digital banking, and reflecting the bank’s mission to provide an exceptional banking experience beyond borders. 

To learn more about how BMO can help newcomers make real financial progress, visit our Newcomers to Canada site.

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